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Following our public consultation, and the approval of our planning application in 2022, works to prepare the ground for the construction of 2 Angel Square are now underway. These works are called enabling works.

This indicative plan shows the site boundary, where the hoarding line will be.

This indicative plan shows the site boundary, where the hoarding line will be.


2 Angel Square will be a ‘next generation’ net zero operational sustainable office building. The 14-storey building, including a rooftop level, will bring new businesses, workers and amenities to the area. 2 Angel Square has been designed with a distinctive character and will complement 3 Angel Square (yet to be built), as well as the architecture in the wider NOMA estate. To prepare the development site for the start of construction, we have appointed Bowmer + Kirkland to undertake some enabling works.

Upon completion the development will bring improvements to the surrounding public space of 2 Angel Square and Angel Square including landscaping and planting.

An aerial view of the footprint of 2 & 3 Angel Square.


  • The car park on the site of 2 Angel Square is now closed.
  • Some trees and planting have been moved.
  • Installation of Heras fencing around the site to ensure the safety of members of the public and the team. 

  • In early November 2023 a solid hoarding will be installed. This is to protect the site and the local community ahead of further works commencing. This will include a pavement closure on one side of Angel Street.

  • Clearance of the site to ensure it is ready for future construction. A lot of the existing planting will be relocated, including fruit trees that will be moved to create an orchard by the NOMA Pavilion and three maple trees which will join the NOMA tree nursery. Any remaining wood will stay in the NOMA neighbourhood and will be used to make tools and for general gardening use by “Plant”, which is NOMA’s city gardening initiative.

  • Creating tarmac tracks within the boundary for site machinery to use.

  • Ground works will take place in late 2023 / early 2024.

Get involved

Join one of our workshops at Altogether Otherwise, a new civic space on Hanover Street, NOMA, M4 4AH. From 12-2pm on Fridays, you can whittle a wooden garden ‘dibber’ and more at these free lunchtime weekly workshops. 

Follow @AltogetherOtherwise for more details and to see what else is on. If you’d like to join the Plant city gardening team, check out @plant _mcr or email hello@plantmcr.co.uk to get in touch.

Celebrating NOMA’s history

The NOMA site is in a historic area of Manchester and was previously home to Shudehill Mill, Manchester’s first steam powered mill. Archaeological investigations have been undertaken to learn about and record the site. 

Landscaping will include digital and physical interpretations of the archaeology and history of the area as part of the development of 2 & 3 Angel Square and Angel Gardens.

Improvements to the public realm

In line with the wider NOMA public realm vision, our aim for Angel Street and Thread Street is to create a well-connected, vibrant and green environment, where people want to spend time. 

Landscaping will include new trees and planting to encourage pollinators, new habitats for birds and mammals, as well as water channels through the new landscape.


How will the enabling works be managed to minimise possible impacts on local people and traffic?

A Construction and Environmental Management Plan has been developed with the building contractor to address any possible construction issues. The plan also includes several measures designed to ensure that any impact from the enabling works is minimised.

Efforts will be made to keep noise to a minimum and works will be carried out during the day to reduce disruption.

What will the working hours be?

During these enabling works, the site operational hours will be Monday to Friday, 7:30am-6pm, and Saturday 8:30am-2pm. Deliveries and general on-site operations will take place from 7:30am with the main works beginning at 8:30am.

Usually no work will be carried out on Sundays or bank holidays.

If I have a question about the enabling works, who should I contact?

If you need to contact a member of the project team, you can call 0800 032 8546 or send an email using the dedicated address: info@noma-engage.com.

Indicative image of 2 & 3 Angel Square