Hanover House in NOMA following extensive refurbishment.

Life At NOMA

There are loads of things to do at NOMA to help balance out busy lives – weekly outdoor workout sessions, workshops and city gardening– all helping people connect and get involved. All this plus four acres of public realm, a whole programme of events and a growing offer of places to eat, drink and enjoy entertainment, let’s not forget, a very cosy pub to decamp to at a moment’s notice.

Hanover House in NOMA following extensive refurbishment.

Sadler’s Cat

Originally known as The Pilcrow, NOMA’s home grown pub is more than just Manchester’s best craft ale watering hole. It was built by a 500-strong team of volunteers who made everything from stools to beer pump handles to the pub snacks. The project gained planning permission in August 2015, was officially launched in Sadler’s Yard in December before embarking on community workshops, and then opened to the public in September 2016.

Now operated by internationally renowned craft brewery Cloudwater, Sadler’s Cat offers a fantastic selection of modern and seasonal beers, wines, coffee, snacks and treats.

Visit the website ( or follow @SadlersCat on X (formerly Twitter) for more information.

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Plant gives you the opportunity to keep your hands dirty through city gardening. In a pioneering approach to urban landscape that moves from low maintenance and uniformity to nurture and variety, NOMA is involving 100’s of community gardeners, urbanists, designers, researchers, artists and, we hope, you.

We have partnered with The National Trust, Princes Trust, Manchester Metropolitan University and a host of local groups and charities to deliver a programme of workshops, talks, projects and planting to look at horticulture through the widest possible lens.

To find out more and get involved, visit,

Locust Gang Plant workshop

Sadler’s Yard Events

Sadler’s Yard is Manchester’s newest public square. It’s a space which brings the area to life through a diverse range of events from dogs shows and outdoor fitness sessions to free music festivals and beer celebrations.

Events at Sadler’s Yard are always different, but each one features all of the following elements; food, beer, produce, craft, workshops and live music. This is the unique mix of activity which helps Sadler’s Yard stand out and retain its originality, imbibed from an early stage through the naming of the yard through public vote in 2015.

Find out more about Sadler’s Yard, and other open space at NOMA on the ‘Open Space’ page of our website.

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Altogether Otherwise

A new civic space opens at NOMA in November 2023. Called Altogether Otherwise and operated by the team behind The Pilcrow Project, The Old Bank Residency and Plant, this space will be home to creative folk, ideas, activities, workshops and more. Follow @altogetherotherwise on Instagram for more information and check out the NOMA website for NOMA sponsored activities.

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What’s On

You can find out about all of the events at NOMA on the News and Events page of the NOMA Manchester website.